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UK Padel

UK PADEL no2 Racket

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The UK PADEL no2 Racket is a bright and attractive lightweight diamond shaped racket, made for players who want to quickly get maximium control without scrimping on comfort, designed to reduce virabtions and impact on the arm. 

YR Feather 2021 is an attractive racket that is lightweight at 355 grams and feels much more comfortable to play with. It’s a good racket for women, as well as for men who want to explore the finesse of padel with a lightweight racket. The head is round-shaped, and it’s best for beginners/Intermediate players.

Control 90% Power 90%

We would encourage beginners and intermediate players to take a look at this racket,  it's beautiful medium balance can provide any player with the optimum Padel to take their shot making to new heights

To help achieve that there is a fantastic texture sand finish that grips the ball and helps to generate spin and control, with the 3K Carbon Fiber frame. 

weight 365g +/- 10g.  


Nothing but Padel We are UK PADEL.