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UK Padel

RS Padel Prime Control Edition 2.0

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Prime Control Edition 2.0 is the newly developed version of the first Prime Power Padel racket. The surface contains a twisted aluminised 3k carbon fiber layer that spreads the vibration from hitting the ball across the entire surface. The core consists of EVA rubber that will give you a catapult feeling when striking the ball. The racket frame is made of woven Japanese lightweight fiberglass that gives the racket a more gentle and flexible character.

Prime Control Edition 2.0 is slightly softer than its sibling in the Prime series, Prime Power Edition 2.0.

  • Shape: Tear Drop
  • Frame: Carbon Flex
  • Core: EVA Rubber Soft
  • Face: 3K Carbon
  • Profile: 38 mm
  • Balance: Mid
  • Weight: 360-370 g
  • Surface: 3D