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UK Padel

UK PADEL no3 Racket

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Introducing the no3 Racket from the UK PADEL 2023 launch range. In all of the testing of our exclusive range of new rackets, this tear-drop shape was repeatedly noted for the touch it gave players.  

The medium balance racket with a beautiful large sweet spot located towards the mid/ upper part of the racket sweet spot comes with a textured sand finish that really helps grip the ball, as well as helping to create rotation and easy spin off the face. 

The frame is made of fiberglass, with ample power but the main focus being on helping you to control shots and the points. It's comfortable and designed to reduce virabtions and impact on the arm. 

This really is the sweet spot racket from UK PADEL, Eva soft is used in the core to help generate speed in slower shots, in our most comfortbale and balanced racket in the range. 

The no3 Racket from UK PADEL, aka Touch, suits new to intermediate level players and all those really looking to take the touch and control in their game to the next level. 

355g +/- 10g

Medium to large sweetspot for control 

Medium balance for perfect comfort.